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Friends Only
(animated) Finchel | tongue tied kiss
All fics and fandom related stuff will remain public. I love new friends though, so if you'd like to be friends just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to add you!

Banner compliments of the lovely nowheretogo26 . Check out her stuff. She's amazing.

So cute!! That's adorable. And so perfect for you!

Hey, since we obviously have the same taste in .gifs, wanna try and be flistmates?

Since we're fellow Gleeks, would you mind friending me?
I need some more Glee friends:)

Just realized I added you without commenting to this post!

I write Glee fics. You write Glee fics. I answer your prompts. We comment on each others fics. Friends time? :)

Add? I'm new to LJ, but I won't be a bother at all :) Plus, I'd love to be friends!

Sure, of course! I added you.

when/how were you chosen to be a new mod of the_cheerios?

I'd be happy to discuss that with you if you'd be kind enough to post using your lj name.

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I just sent off a request to be your friend. I'm enjoying our Gleeverse chats. =D

Hello there :)

Would you and your Finchel loving like to be friends? That is definitely something I would appreciate more of on my f-list! I don't understand how you can hate such cute O__O ahahaha. OH WELL, MORE FOR US, KTHNX. <3

I would love to be friends with a fellow Finchel lover! ♥


I realised I'm friends with hardly any of the Cheerios, and not with you either! Friends? ♥

Of course, bb, adding you now!

d'you want to be lj friends? :) also there is no such thing as too much Quinn ♥ sometimes

I'd love to be LJ friends! I can't believe we aren't already. Adding you now.

This is very true, there is no such thing as too much Quinn!

(Deleted comment)
Gleeks do it better :) Add ?

Hey I'm kathryn. And I'm a fellow Cheerio at glee verse :) I was wondering if we could be friends.

I would love to get to know my fellow Cheerios more!

Thank you :D

Of course, I'd love to be friends! Adding you now.


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