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"there's an app for that"

“I admire your dedication. I wasn’t certain you had it in you.”

“I like to be well versed in a variety of topics. You never know what a casting agent will be looking for when you go to an open audition.”

“Yeah, whatever, I performed while I was in labor. Now can we please just go to the hospital so I can get my epidural?”

Rachel shook her head and smiled evilly, “Just leave it there. Maybe then Jesse St. James will slip in it and fall and break his talent.”
I love your Rachel. Just... adore. :)

“Nice,” Artie snickered, holding up his hand to Rachel for a high-five. I JUST READ AN AMAZING ARTIE/RACHEL FRIENDSHIP FIC. ♥

Rachel pulled a Rubbermaid container out from underneath the seat. “It means,” she explained, “that I packed a towel in my Emergency Preparedness Kit, along with many other vital supplies.”

“Whoa,” Finn muttered under his breath, “scary Quinn.”

"leave the box!"

YAYYYYY KAITTTT!!!!!! This is so perfect. Everyone's characterization was spot on! I'm so glad that this got written. :D

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