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I can't even.

This is just perfection.
Adorable, heartbreaking, hilarious and heart melting.

I know how much work you put into every step of this and it absolutely shows.
I want to put this fic in my pocket and facehug it.

Fantastically glorious work Headband!!!!!


Guh, I love this like crazy.
How he told her; 'Hi Mommy' just warmed my heart - I love that.
And the baby's name! Nattie - GORGEOUS.
I love all of this, as you probably already know - it's FABULOUS. Their relationship has the perfect amount of snark and sadness and romance. It's perfect.
I still think my favourite line is the one about her being 90% coffee ;) SO Rachel.

This was so very great. My first fanfic of Twenty12!

Loved every part of it and I am glad you left it with a happy ending :)

Awww this is beautiful!!!!! I love the way you wrote this ♥

Awe so perfectly cute :)

aww, lovely. poor them though. :)

Oh my God, Kait! This was fantabulous! I can't even describe it, it's just that amazing. I love love love it.

I feel like omg Kait. You.

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